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United Investor Services, Corp. represents the finance arm of the United Group of Companies, Inc., an awarding-winning and nationally recognized real estate company specializing in development, financing, acquisitions, repositioning, and professional management. This track record includes an exceptionally broad range of specialties in independent senior living and student housing communities, commercial properties, multi-family residential communities, mixed-use developments, and more.

For over fifty years, United Group has stood at the forefront of leading development projects in New York, Florida, Georgia, California, Massachusetts, and elsewhere in the United States.


Outstanding real estate development goes far beyond the construction phase. This is why we take a turnkey approach - owning and managing most of the properties we develop - to engineer their long-term value for clients and investors.

More than a building

This commitment to value stands behind every aspect of our development activity. It is why, for example, all segments of our staff—including property management and finance—gather to plan out the project before development even begins. Our priorities include not only short-term development potential but long-term cycles, which keeps each property relevant well into the future. Projects are designed to adapt to changing market demands, including the activities and amenities that transform building projects into communities.


More than a community

The results show up in the numbers. Long waiting lists for our properties testify to their value for residents. The awards testify to the standard of excellence that sets us apart. Most important, however, is how consistently our projects optimize clients’ financial position and strategic goals.


Our construction management advisors have built a track record of distinction in all our market segments: commercial, senior, student, and multi-family, among others. The secret lies in our expertise—over 60 years combined experience among our leadership—and in the process that guides us.

An approach that works

As part of our approach, we collaborate closely with owners, architects, and engineers throughout the design process to create beautiful, cost-effective plans. Then our professionals manage the construction phase with equally cost-effective techniques. Throughout, we draw on a broad range of integrated services that ensures excellence throughout the construction phase.

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Ideal Results

This approach generates the results that every owner and investor seeks in construction management: a project that comes in on time, on budget, and above expectations.

Property Management

Excellence in Management

Our management professionals hold expertise in every facet of property management: marketing, leasing, operations, maintenance, and accounting. They have built a solid track record of increasing NOI without reducing resident services or jeopardizing property value. As a result, our clients have the best possible chance of realizing the full potential of their investment.

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From solid credentials

Given our managers’ depth of knowledge, this level of performance comes as no surprise. Many have obtained the most respected designations in their field: Certified Professional Manager (CPM®) and Residential Manager (ARM®) from the Institute of Real Estate Management, and Real Property Administrator (RPA®) from the Building Owners and Managers Association International.

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